Blaine Anderson is in the mafia


the most grunge, most serious 21 year old girl out there. also a liar.


the weirdest shit about the whole “your fave is problematic” thing is that y’all hunt down minor details about the past of celebrities while also refusing to acknowledge how you acted like two years ago 

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favorite people→ tyler joseph: "Never forget to start over. Please never forget. You can start over if you need.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve done."

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I fucking touched his ass |-/

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mary butters bastek adopted a new pup today then made me hashtag selfie ready at work


*lives in Florida*
*tries to participate in ¿”autumn”?*
*puts on a sweater*
*manages to crawl to Starbucks before completely melting*
“I’ll have a… pumpkin.. *cough*  spice…”
*dies of heat stroke*
*is cremated and made into Florida orange juice pulp*

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how i feel when i wear glasses vs how i feel without them. by AlliCattt

where’s her oscar because this is a full movie in 6 seconds

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bathroom mirror selfie featuring my birthday cake

thanks fer all the bday wishes. going to bed with bae now